Bunnings Warehouse – age-friendly employer of choice

My friends and colleagues know I am a great fan of Bunnings Warehouse and their commitment to mature employees. There’s not a week goes by without me extolling the virtues of this age-friendly employer, or referring mature job seekers/ prospective employees to their website.

I heard a story this week that reinforces my view. I was talking to professional colleague about some recent work we are doing with Bunnings and she commented “Oh that’s my favourite store – I regularly take my father to Bunnings for an outing.”

It appears her father has a critical condition. He is wheelchair-bound and requires oxygen equipment to venture outside. At most retail outlets/stores he visits staff avoid eye contact or conversation.

Not at Bunnings. They have a wheelchair at the entrance and make sure it’s properly maintained and ready for use.  In contrast to other stores, staff at his local Bunnings Warehouse (regardless of age) are cheerful, friendly and welcoming . Everyone who walks past acknowledges him and says a very genuine hello. This is not a once-off event. This behaviour is a tribute to the Bunnings ethos and culture.

Keep up those high standards Bunnings . You continue to raise the bar.

BLOG By Wayne Bishop, Director of Activetics – Solutions for a Mature Workforce