Health Care Sector – ‘retaining experience’

An experienced senior nurse with a degenerative back condition was concerned about her ability to perform at the physically high standard demanded by her job.

A member of the largest nursing age cohort where the average age is 45 years, the issue for the employer and employee was how to maintain the health and safety of this highly experienced nurse as well as retain her knowledge and continue to meet patient care standards.

The health sector cannot afford to lose experienced nurse practitioners; attracting and retaining young nursing staff is proving highly challenging. The organisation was very keen to retain this valuable member of staff and to plan for a phased retirement as the culmination of a fulfilling role where the nurse’s experience, insight and sensitivity could be shared with other talented staff.

Activetics was retained and assisted with the management of the transition which was in this case complicated by the highly unionised workplace where Workplace Agreements and EBAs initially hampered the flexibility of employers and employees.

Activetics worked with the employee, who had concerns about her financial obligations and need for ongoing income; educating her and the employer about superannuation, pension entitlements and the options for a changed emphasis on work activities.

Activetics facilitated the negotiation of  alternative work arrangements that meant the health employer retained key human capital in expertise and knowledge and the employee continued her values-driven work, maintained her health and wellbeing and ensured a more secure financial future.