Health Sector – ‘mature age workforce’

The following case study details the current work with a key client of Activetics.

Health (9,000 full and part time workers)

Issue of Concern:
Client had experienced increasing premium costs associated with rising costs of claims. Challenges with retention and recruitment of skilled staff.

Commenced work in 2011 as a pilot – Mature Age Workforce Project

Agreed Resolution:
The client retained Activetics to run a full programme to assist the management team collect the required information and educate them in the development of a mature workforce strategy. An important element of this agreed path was clear Executive involvement. A plan of collaboration with their key leadership team was required as was an awareness and training regime amongst all internal stakeholders, including employees.

The project has been segmented into a high level business advisory service and a workforce management programme.

It was evident in the midst of this that the OHS function needed to be redefined. As a result of this initiative the client is meeting internal KPIs in relation to retention. The full benefits will be realised in twelve months as transition plans are put into effect and managers are trained in ‘conversations’, coaching and mentoring.

Current Position Post Resolution:
This organisation has been able to move to a position of addressing the fluctuations in staff turnover. They report greater employee engagement in ‘at risk’ areas of the business and the programme ‘take up’ has been a success. Activetics is maintaining the role out of the programme across the organisation and maintains a strategic advisory role at this time. Key metrics will be available within the next 12 months as planned.