Public Sector – ‘talent drain stopped’

A large operator in the public sector had lost a number of employees to the private sector, where a skills shortage had led to the poaching of experienced professionals through significantly higher salary packages.

The public sector employer was not able to match the salaries being offered but understood the need to better position themselves to deliver to the needs and desires of their employees. This meant a better understanding of employee demographics was needed as was the creation of a value proposition for retaining experienced workers that was not solely about dollars.

Working with Activetics, the public sector operator developed a Talent Management Strategy, with particular emphasis on mature talent. Activetics assisted the operator to adopted policies and pathways to ensure that alternative working arrangements were communicated and that flexibility for experienced workers was culturally acceptable.

Activetics provided personal coaching and professional assistance which resulted in a halt in defections to the private sector and the retention of key skill sets and business knowledge in the public sector.