Do Businesses Want Older Workers?


The Productivity Commission report released last Friday provides a stark reminder of the challenges facing employers – and the economy in the not-too-distant future. “Doing Nothing” about the increasingly mature workforce continues to be the default position with most employers. Complacency is alive and well …..until it becomes an HR, OHS or Workers’ Compensation issue. Read …

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Ageing U.S. Workers – The Fittest Thrive

The earnings of U.S. workers in their 60s and 70s are rising faster than earnings for people in their prime working years, according to a new study.  Defying the stereotype that they’re marking time, today’s older workers are also just as productive as people in their prime working years.   Read the full article by …

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The Talent Retention War is Real – and you’re losing!


The war for talent is a hot, hot game — and your current policies may be leading top professionals to say sayonara to you and your organization. According to recent studies, the average employee turnover rate is predicted to rise from20.6 percent in 2012 to 23.4 percent by 2018. This represents 192 million separations. The study …

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Mature Workforce Presentation

Dr Caroline Howe and Alan Barnett recently presented on Mature Workforce issues. The slides are great so we thought we’d share them with you. Activetics Insurance Presentation  

The Gray Shift Part 1 – An Aging Workforce Creates New Workplace Injury Issues

Source  25th September 2013 Before 1950, most people worldwide died before the age of 50. U.S. life expectancy is now over 77 years, and by 2050 could be in the mid-90s. Eight people will turn 65 every minute by 2025, and the over-65 population will double over the next 50 years. In the U.S., …

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What’s the plan after work?

Plans after work....

There was a good article in the Age (Money) on the weekend by John Collett, Personal Finance Editor. Recent survey findings are reflective of what we find in our Activetics Workshops at workplaces. Most people are ill prepared for retirement and have difficulty planning, realistically, for this stage of life. Australians are working longer but …

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4 Essentials of Strength-Based Leadership

This is a great article on Strength-Based Leadership.  This underpins our approach to mature age initiatives at the worksite.  We are achieving exception results for employers and employees.    Below is a snapshot of the article. Source: Socialmedia Today 04/09/2013 It is in human nature to look for negative in everything first. Most of the …

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Reducing the Effects of Aging

Sourced: WorkCover Qld, 16th July 2013 In Australia, there is wide acknowledgement of the looming crisis in the aging nursing workforce resulting from the imminent retirement of a generation of ‘baby boomer’ nurses. In recent years, there have been fewer entrants to the nursing workforce as a result of lower birth rates and wider choices …

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Age UK Study Challenges Sterotypes of Older Workers

A new study by Age UK has found that older workers are as productive as their younger counterparts. Researchers reviewing published studies into the characteristics of older workers found that, despite assumptions made by many employers, older workers are motivated and willing to work as flexibly as younger. There was little evidence to back up …

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To Be Made Here, or Elsewhere – A Look Inside Outsourcing Decisions

Fascinating article from the Australian School of Business quoting a recent Wharton Global Forum in Tokyo. From our experience Australian employers also struggle with scenario planning and decisions around outsourcing. Source: UNSW Australia – 15th August 2013 Global companies struggle with decisions on how much to outsource. Too little means an organization may lose the …

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