Education and Training

Activetics can provide education and training programmes for employees and/or managers both face to face and via blended learning, utilising online training programmes if desired.

Manager Education

The design of manager education programs is based on the evaluation and recommendations that emerge from our analysis activities. All sessions are designed on adult learning principles, respecting the needs of participants to be actively involved in their learning experience.

Facilitation rather than presentation is a key component of our programs, where we encourage participant involvement and utilise the knowledge and “life experiences” of the individuals within the group to progress toward desired outcomes.

There are two key elements that are included in Activetics’ Manager Education and Training Programmes:

  • Addressing Business Risk – understanding the business case and financial elements behind the programme and why it is important in an economic context
  • Up skilling managers to ‘conduct conversations’ with mature workers (see Workshops for Managers)

It is important to provide managers and supervisors with the coaching and tools they need to address current and emerging workforce challenges. This includes tailored “How To” workshops for managers and supervisors around transition to retirement and handling requests for alternative work arrangements.


Online Tools

We customise online services for employers based on specific needs and budget. This can take the form of proprietary tool kits and work programs; newsletters and blogs; through to sophisticated platforms that provide e-learning; information and referral; induction; coaching and recruitment content.

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