Know Your Risks

Using data for your organisation or business, Activetics will form a picture of your challenges and risks associated with a mature workforce.

We then make sense of the information and develop a richer understanding through structured discussions with staff and managers in workshops and interviews.

We formally evaluate the process.

The benefits to a business from this approach are:

  • The development of a robust, evidence based intervention that is targeted to achieve the outcomes sought
  • Managers and staff become engaged through the process by developing an awareness and ownership of the challenges. In this context interventions are customised, relevant and well targeted

Activetics will provide a report on the workplace demographics and data analysis in a format that is easy to understand and utilise for strategic planning purposes.

We believe it is important for organisations to start planning pre event for an individual or a group of employees. At present many individuals start planning their exit from the workplace post event leaving themselves little time to plan properly and consider the financial ramifications. The employer is left in the dark until an event or decision is made and gaps are left in the organisation which can put pressure on other employees, add to business costs and result in a loss of productivity.