Mature Workforce Solutions

Working with internal and external partners, we have developed a ‘whole of organisation approach’ aimed at creating an age friendly culture.

This approach addresses the major challenges that many organisations face:

  • workforce planning
  • risk management – managing staff turnover challenges, workers’ compensation and OHS issues
  • the retention of knowledge and skills in the face of accelerated skills/experience shortages
  • manager/employee engagement and improved productivity
  • brand attractiveness – well being programmes, diversity and inclusion

Our methodology draws on best practice from around the world. It comprises a number of components that include awareness and training workshops, age friendly policies, mentors, wellbeing programs, as well as the coaching and accreditation of internal champions. The latter is aimed at building organisational capability to be self-managing.

In implementing an initiative, the objective is to achieve a cultural shift and for the organisation to become recognised by its current and future employees and its wider community as an age friendly employer of choice. In that context, we will work closely with key stakeholders to create a compelling employee value proposition which creates a strong intellectual and emotional bond with current and potential employees

No two organisations are the same; each has unique workforce challenges, its own culture and strategic imperatives. It is important that businesses and Activetics fully understand the challenges and opportunities before embarking on a customised program.

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