“Changing Gears” Workshops

Our “Changing Gears” Workshop is a tailored workshop – or more appropriately – an interactive focus group or “conversation” with a cross section of your mature employees.

These sessions are designed to provide valuable insights into the attitudes and expectations of your mature cohort towards work and retirement. From our experience these sessions have proved to be one of the more engaging and successful components of our model.  They provide:

  • Valuable data on which subsequent policies and programs can be based
  • The opportunity for key stakeholders to familiarise themselves with your business model and provide input into it
  • The foundation for a positive communication message to all employees across the enterprise.

Ideally we would recommend around 12-15 employees participate – which generally lasts for around two-and-a-half hours.

Activetics will customise the program and bring in other key professionals as required, based on the outcome of leadership interviews.


Workshops for Managers

Conducting “conversations” around alternative work arrangements – allowing managers to have a safe space to question and challenge the rationale for the program. We provide a framework and methodology for discussions with employees.

The Benefits

These workshops provide managers with the tools they need to address mature workforce challenges; how to have a conversation, how to plan for transitions within their staffing and how to manage requests for alternative work arrangements.

Some will go on to become mentors and/or coaches themselves.


Workshops for Employees

Based on the Activetics Wellbeing Model – we customise programmes around healthy ageing for mature workers. The primary objective of these sessions is to introduce participants to a framework and methodology that is relevant to their life stage.

The workshops are tailored using quantitative data from stakeholder interviews and the focus group or “conversations” sessions such as the “Changing Gears” Workshops. We work with participants to “visualise” a successful future and introduce a blueprint for successful transitions. The workshops focus on demographic drivers, in particular the ‘Boomer’ life Stage.

The Benefit

Engages and empowers employees and provides a platform for purposeful planning relevant to their life stage.

The individual coaching options are a popular adjunct to these employee workshops.